Shooting in a flood wash? Yep, it’s awesome. With Matt Wong

Who would have known that a flood wash in the Southwest part of Las Vegas could be a great location for a photo shoot? Thankfully, veteran photographer Matt Wong has insight on all the cool spots in town.

Working with Matt will be a highlight of 2018 for me. Right off the bat, we were able to connect via our ideas. I expressed that I was interested in shooting swimwear, with a specific mood and look in mind. More than anything, I had a list of looks and moods that I wanted to *avoid* and he understood my point of view, precisely. (Thank goodness! LOL)

I’m very proud of these photos. The result, I believe, is due to Matt and I having lots of communication. We both were clear about what our expectations were, and we listened to each other. I can’t express how important this is in any line of work, but when you’re shooting photos, a give and take is essential to getting pictures you’re happy with.